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ANGIE PhillipsGraphic Design and Brand Consultant

I love working with professional service firms to create impact and make you stand out. 

Whether you are a sole practitioner who isn’t sure about where to start on your brand, or an established and growing 2-3 partner firm who is too busy to manage and control your design requirements effectively; I specialise in helping you.  From helping new firms get off the ground to developing an ongoing range of design resources for a busy practice, I love it all!

I like to think I’m fun and easy to work with, with while maintaining a very professional work ethic, fortunately my testimonials agree. When working with a client, I become personally committed and ensure that I meet your professional objectives. Taking time to understand what you want to achieve. You will find I will work ‘with’ you and always listen. For me it’s all about the client – and I do mean YOU!

As a Graphics & Branding Designer, for over 30 years, I have established a very high reputation for my expertise. Over the last few years I have worked with more and more professional service firms from IFA’s to law firms, coaches and accountants.  I used to work in a variety of design disciplines including brand development, magazine design, advertising and packaging, on brands such as Harvey Spack Field, Carlsberg, Yardley, No7, Coca Cola and Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd., I have a wide range of knowledge and expertise to advise on most design requirements and solve problems quickly and effectively with great results.

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I studied Graphic Design at Great Yarmouth College of Art & Design, then worked for a print & packaging company before moving to a London W1 design consultancy, creating design and packaging for cosmetics, gifts & pharmaceuticals. From there I joined AssiDoman European Packaging Development, (Smurfitt Kappa) developing corrugated packaging and sales literature. I became freelance in 1995 and started my own business around 2009.

I strongly believe the best results are achieved by working ‘with’ you, the client, listening to what you want and why. I use my knowledge and experience to achieve continuity and style throughout all media. I love the thrill of creating outstanding graphics that generate new energy, new clients and more sales.

I continue to support clients on social media and face to face. I have a strong belief in helping others grow and through networking will always introduce people who can mutually benefit each other and make great connections.

A.N.G. Design Consultancy is my business, my reputation is built on delivering a comprehensive graphic design service, with integrity, energy, and enthusiasm with a strong business mentality. Every customer is different, has different ideas and needs. Therefore creating unique, effective and impressive design, whether it is a logo or a leaflet, gives me such a buzz every time. And I LOVE IT!


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A.N.G. – Art ’n Graphics, my own Brand story

Your ‘Brand’ should reflect a story and your principles, representing the quality and beliefs you would like to be known for. My own branding is based on the association of art and graphics with science nature and mathematics symbolised by the Fibonacci golden spiral.

Fibonacci believed that calculation was an art form; to him, it was a “marvellous” thing of beauty. He considered the art of calculation creating beautiful dimensions, bringing harmonious proportions in science, nature and art together expressed by mathematics. The golden spiral expands and reduces infinitely.

The golden spiral is incorporated into the ‘A’ of my logo and represents the way my father taught me calligraphy as a child, the ‘A.’ ‘N.’ ‘G.’ is pronounced to sound like ‘Annnggieeee’ (my driving instructor used to sing the Rolling Stones song to me!) and the halo and the devils (or dragon’s tail)… well any one who knows me well will understand! Search for me under “The Design Angel”, …always wicked design and as the saying goes ‘the devil is in the detail’. The purple is for the highest chakra, and intuition.. and I love chocolate! The recent introduction to my brand palette is a touch of orange, opposite to purple on the colour spectrum signifying diversity and as a chakra, governing creativity and self-expression.  And it looks good!

All these elements come together to form a concept which perfectly reflects my vision, my passion and interests and therefore my brand personality and principles.

It’s not just about creating a piece of design but delivering a work of art to communicate your message visually, inspire, attract and achieve results.

When not working, I scuba dive in the UK & hotter waters. Recently learnt to ski!I When I have the time I enjoy writing my design blog and love networking. I read science fiction fantasy, crime and historical novels. I’m a huge fan of Erasure and 80’s music, soft rock and ballads but can’t sing. I love dragons and hate brussels sprouts!



Design awards I've won

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I would love to hear from you...

If you would like to know more about me and how I can help you with design, call for a chat, join me for a coffee, or send an email.

Angie Phillips 07940 819979

“Angie Phillips is an amazing graphic designer, not just because the images she created are so detailed and beautiful, but because she listened carefully to everything I wanted to convey, and really engaged in the project. We are talking right now about another project!”

Joanne Hooper

Avalon Essences

“Angie Phillips is excellent at what she does. Her passion for creativity is very clear when you meet to discuss whatever it is you want her to produce for you. Whether it be business cards, posters, letterheads, leaflets, car magnets, you name it, Angie can do it.”

Judi Regis

Drive Safe for Life

“I commissioned Angie Phillips to develop two logos for different aspects of my business. Angie took the time to understand me, my business and my future plans, whilst providing professional advice on colour palettes, fonts and much, much more!!”

Claire Sibley

Active Management