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Book Design and Layout Services

Book design and layout needs to be professionally done when publishing your book whether it is an information handbook or a business ebook.  With such a wide variety of literature available you want your content to look its best, be easily read, and attract your reader.

When does a ‘brochure’ become a ‘book’?

The category of ‘book’ and ‘brochure’ can be blurred, both inform and educate but a ‘brochure’ is ultimately a promotional piece of literature. A book can be any size to fit your requirements, it can have as many pictures as you require or none depending on what the budget allows.

The Process

If you have taken the time to write your novel or your content you must do it justice. A professional book design and layout will make all the difference when marketing and promoting it. The essence of a good layout is consistency and flow. The treatment of the text must be uniform throughout. A style guide should be created to adhere to making the formatting easy and clear for the reader. For example all main and sub headings must be the same size and font. Captions and footnote styles should be set and ‘pull-outs’ like quotes and testimonials should have their own style. Above all these should be chosen at the beginning of the design as to change part way through could be costly.

Different books will be treated in slightly different ways depending on whether they are to be published online, in particular if kindle versions are required there are options for e-books that must be decided upon before work can commence.

Book design and layout for a hardback or paperback novel, history, biography will be very different from a coffee table book but the parameters are the same, consistency and style.

book design orange
Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus

160 pages of back to back tab and notation with exercises and expert tips

book design historical fiction
Laura Dowers

Book cover design for Laura Dowers, local author and writer. Laura also offers publishing services, proof reading and copywriting.

book design excedia work book
The Excedia Group

76 page Workbook designed as a pdf download to work with The Go-To Expert by Heather Townsend and Jon Baker

Professional book design and layout are essential to the success of your book

If you have a book waiting to be set or designed, talk to me first, with no obligation and we could really get it moving in the right direction so you can become a published author.
book design employees handbook
Asphaltic Employees Handbook

80 page Employees handbook with health and safety, all working procedures, environmental policy and code of conduct contracts.

book design Goddess Journal - journey through out the year
Avalon Essences – The Goddess Journal

Personal journal – Journey through the wheel of the year. Pictures, notes, inspiration.

book design marketing for pdf and print
Jon Baker

Set of three out of six marketing books, landscape A5 for print and pdf download.

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Book formatting services UK

We work with authors in the UK supplying a full book design and layout service that includes the design of your cover. This can be a template or bespoke design to suit your budget. We can create your illustration or infographics, in-house or by reputable artists to suit your style.

Preferred partners

A.N.G. Creative Design Consultancy can put you in touch with a choice of Copywriters, proof readers and publishers to offer you a full publishing service depending on your requirements.

book design paperback peter arblaster
Peter Arblaster  – ‘The Brummy Gem’

Design for back and front of paperback novel

book design covers nhs insulinoma
Book cover designs

Book design for E-book and paperback cover

book design ebooks covers
Bespoke or templated book covers…

Book cover design service, templated or bespoke for e-books and hardcopy

ang-gdbkcvrpplebkgdSTOP – Don’t commission any design work until you understand what good design means.

Download my e-book “How to Work with a Good Graphic Designer” – the secrets most designers don’t tell you, just one of the e-books from A.N.G. Creative Design ‘Creative Design Library’ .

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