book design and layout

Youv’e written your book – your baby and now need to think about cover ideas and layout – who you are publishing it with or if its self published. Book design and layout needs to be professionally done whether it is an information handbook or a business ebook.  With such a wide variety of literature available you want your content to look its best it possibly can and make that impact on the shelves!

The essence of a good layout is consistency and flow. The text format must be uniform throughout. A style guide to adhere to will make it easier and foolproof! Different books will be treated in slightly different ways depending on whether they are to be published online, in particular if kindle versions are required there are options for e-books that must be decided upon before work can commence.


For advice and information on publishing your book or choosing the right image, give me a call and I’ll talk you through your options.

business books
orange rock guitar syllabus
Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus

160 pages of back to back tab and notation with exercises and expert tips


Hacking for Everyone

Hacking – Introduction to Cyber security

paperback book covers

Fiction and non-fiction

Book covers designed using your images or created from stock photos

health and wellness books
guinnie & iszy illustrations
penny book illustration

Professional book design and layout are essential to the success of your book

If you have a book waiting to be set or designed, talk to me first, with no obligation and we could really get it moving in the right direction so you can become a published author.

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