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Branding design is essential in today’s business world to stand out from your competitors.

What sets you apart, what do you offer that is different?

Branding design is important to the consumer as it offers a guaranteed reputation.
How you are identified over another being or business. Aiming to establish a relationship between your business and your customer.

What we do…
Branding is possession, we will create a ‘visual identification’ that your clients immediately recognise and associate with you and your business. The ‘brand’ is developed from how the business wants to be perceived. This is the Brand Promise, the services offered, the quality of products, the desired aims and standards it wants to represent. Basically what the customer can expect when using you. Above all, ‘Brand’ is about creating and maintaining a story or bio about the business that is attractive to the right market and memorable.

Branding design – First and foremost, we build your brand from several elements that all work together and form a theme of identification. Creating a set of guidelines that ensure consistency in colour and font styles that ensure recognition. As a result conveying the promise of a standard of quality or service wherever seen.

Your logo is the hub of your ‘Branding Wheel’ so it is important to get that right. Everything you produce or that your customer comes into contact with, must reinforce a consistent brand story about your business and values.

Managing your brand can be a big job but we implement a clear set of guidelines from the beginning. These specifications will make it much easier when updating existing material or creating new campaigns.

branding design facelace
Health & Beauty

Branding design for Facelace. A gorgeous beauty ‘mask’ that is removable and reusable. Created by Phyllis Cohen, now retailing in department stores such as Harvey Nicholls.

branding design Ladybird

Ladybird branding design originated from the Clients own idea and drawing. It has developed it into a strong recognisable local brand.

branding design Alan Patient
Professional Services

Taking an existing branding design and developing it across advertising brochures, promotional bags and an anniversary logo.

Branding design is an investment in your company - not an expense!

Call me to talk about how to get started on creating a consistent but flexible branding design that will represent you, be instantly recognisable and appeal to your client base. Getting you noticed and remembered.
branding design TOTG

All new and fabulous branding design for a Cafe and Pizzeria. Fun, quirky and just what the client ordered.

branding design spluves
Health & Beauty

A simple and effective branding design appealing to both sexes. Clinical but retaining empathy and sensitivity.

branding design Michael Frank

Bright, strong and attractive branding design for a competitive market. Out shinning other jewellery companies in Essex.

branding design The Excedia Group
Professional Services

Branding design for The Excedia Group.  Consists of several websites, coaching materials, books and promotional material.

branding design Branding Circle

Your Logo is the hub of your brand…

Logo • Business stationery • Sales and marketing literature • Advertising • Website • Social media • Promotional products • Product packaging • Content marketing

branding design YBC
Professional Services

Branding design. Creating a ‘community’ logo, folder and leaflets for information and services.

I would love to hear from you...

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I am always happy to talk about your design requirements and offer ideas to help you achieve your vision for your business.

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