BROCHURE DESIGN – Leaflets, Flyers and Booklets…



BROCHURE DESIGN – Leaflets, Flyers and Booklets…






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Brochure design – Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers and Booklets are an essential part of your sales and marketing for your business.

Brochure design is not a luxury marketing item but an essential sales tool. Although digital design has become a cost effective alternative nothing beats flicking through a physical brochure. Similarly a beautifully designed tactile brochure entices the customer to open it and browse the glossy images while scanning the well written content. For this reason a brochure will not only remain around the office long after a webpage has been closed but it will be picked up and passed around.

What we do…
We will create a stunning brochure design which will work wonders in addition to your marketing and advertising. For this reason, whatever shape and size you require there is a solution to suit your requirements. From a simple 4 sided leaflet to multi sectioned catalogue, small pocket booklets or glossy large format designs.

In fact a sales leaflet or brochure will impart all the required information about the services or the products offered by the business. Furthermore it will be able to offer all the information on all features and benefits the customer could require. As a consequence enabling the customer to make an informed decision when considering purchases. A catalogue can display an infinite number of items with prices immediately to hand. Brochures allow plenty of room for stunning or detailed images, and full descriptions that may include important technical details. In short, offering information about everything the customer needs to know or want.


brochure design Signet

Brief: To create a series of brochures promoting security monitors and controllers for home and business environments.

Result: Clean modern and consistent design.

brochure design Orange Guitar Book
Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus

Brief: To design the ‘Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus’, tab and notation versions back to back.

Result: 170 page syllabus, clear and easy to follow, tips and advice throughout.

brochure design Rotary
Rotary Rocks

Brief: To create a booking form and brochure with all the fun of the seaside. Promoting the Brentwood District Rotary Annual Conference.

Result: Bright attractive and informative.

Take a look at the Brochures, Leaflets and Flyers in the portfolio page which includes:- single page leaflets, double sided leaflets, postcards, posters, A5 and A4 folded 4 page leaflets, A5 folded 6 page leaflets, multi page brochures, booklets and books.
Most importantly your brochure design will be eye-catching, interesting and attractive making the customer want to take it, open it and read it. In short the secret is great images and well written and engaging content. Specifically entertaining, informing and educating, creating a realisation of the need to have or buy.

In other words our brochure design will impress your customers and promote your brand. In particular it will increase your credibility and reputation. It will be an investment you can’t live without!

Brochure Design - whether you want a simple flyer, a four sided leaflet or an 48 page brochure our designs will make an impact!

A relevant and well designed brochure will increase new enquiries and sales making the return on investment undeniable.

Beautifully designed to inform and inspire!.

brochure design Casa dl Luce
Casa di Luce

Brief: Design a cost effective leaflet promoting a farmhouse in Tuscany. A 2/3 A4 leaflet designed to double as a small poster and DL flyer for hand delivery.

Result: Attractive and cost effective use of A4 sheet.

brochure design Drive Safe for Life
Drive Safe For LIfe

Brief: To design a 12 page booklet for driving students, incorporating information from the lessons, and homework. Student record for lessons and progress.

Result: Adding value – useful additional documentation.

brochure design Welfare Association
Welfare Association

Brief: To design an ‘Annual Review and R&A’ and a 44 page ‘Gala Dinner Brochure’. Includes information about overseas projects, the years reports, evening entertainment, menu, sponsors, as well as a silent auction and auction prize donations.

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