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Brochures, leaflets, flyers and booklets, all part of the sales and marketing literature design work from A.N.G. Design Consultancy includes a wide variety of sizes, styles and formats –  from single sided leaflets and DL flyers to postcards, posters and large format brochures and books. A brochure can only be 2 page, 4, 8, 12,16 … (multiples of 4) etc pages but folding a single sheet can produce 1 sided and 2 sided documents or 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 etc pages depending on folds and sizes but will of course rely on sensible usability and ergonomics!

With full colour printing being no more expensive than black and white or a one colour process in many cases, brochure and leaflet design has endless possibilities and options for promoting your business…

Brochure Design Work - single sided leaflets
Brochure Design Work - double sided leaflets
Brochure Design Work - A4 leaflets

Brochure design work - Sales and marketing literature to make an impact!

Call me to talk about creating a new brochure or product leaflet to attract, impress and inform your clients to promote and SELL your products or services!

Brochure Design Work - A5 4 page leaflet
Brochure Design Work - A4 leaflets
Brochure Design Work - DL 6 page leaflet
Brochure Design Work - Facelace & Pure Beauty, DL 6 page leaflets
Brochure Design Work - multi page brochure
Brochure Design Work - Multi page catalogue for NMP
Brochure Design work from A.N.G. Creative Design Consultants  – designed specifically for your business to your requirements, what ever format suits your budget and your market:- single page leaflets, double sided leaflets, A5 and A4 folded 4 page leaflets, A5 folded 6 page leaflets, multi page brochures, booklets and books.
Brochure Design Work - Christen Media, A5 page 4 page
Brochure Design Work - Gold Medal Tuition, 4 page leaflet
Brochure Design Work - Lynda brandish & Gemelli Olive Oil, 6p leaflet DL
Brochure Design Work - Charity Ball support brochure, A5 32page
Brochure Design Work - Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus, A4 book
Brochure Design Work - Life Magazine

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