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Business card design – The layout and design combined with the quality of the card will make the impact you desire on a first meeting!

When exchanging business cards, yours must be so distinctive that it will immediately make an impact. As a result the recipient will take notice and not just file it away in a pocket for later. Investing in a well designed business card is essential if you are serious about your business. Therefore it is necessary to make sure your contact details are concise and accurate. It must be beautifully laid out and obviously conforming to your branding guidelines. Ultimately ensuring it is printed on a good weight of card and using both sides. These are the minimum requirements for a successful business card to promote your business and make you memorable and contactable!

business card GDSS

Light hearted, for serious business.

Dave Jellis – Garage Doors & Shutters Ltd
“Angie created an amazing business card design that has really helped my business, working with her was fun, quick, and professional.”

business card ACTIVE MEDIATION

Simple, elegant & professional,

Claire Sibley – Active Management
“I commissioned Angie to develop two logos for different aspects of my business, she took the time to understand me, my business and my plans.”

Opulent colour, elegant fonts

Rachel Bass – Funeral Celebrant
“Angie’s designs reflected exactly how I wanted to be seen by my clients, spiritual but non-denominational.”

Your new business card design

Expert advice and service to create an individual and exclusive business card which will represent you and your business to make such an impact that yours will be on top of the stack every time!

Whatever the material or style of the business card design you require we ensure you will be proud and excited to hand out your business cards knowing you are going to create the right impression with the people you meet every time.

Standard business cards supplied by A.N.G. Creative Design Consultancy are 400gsm printed and matt laminated both sides. (They even survive a turn in the washing machine!)

Call to chat about creating or updating your business cards!

Business cards can be printed on many different weights and types of materials from standard card to wood and plastic. There are endless ways to make your cards outshine your competitor from eco recycled versions, spot uv varnish to matt, gloss and velvet lamination, gold and silver foiled and embossing – folded or shaped, with cut outs or even perfumed – all dependent on budget.

Designing you a truly bespoke card will impress and enhance your profile with everyone you meet.  See more business card designs…

C&G Business card design


Colin Challinger – C&G Installations
“The quality of my business is reflected by my business card, Angie got it right, what more can I say?”

business card ladybird

Cute, memorable, and reliable!

Mandy Lee – Ladybird Household Services
“Angie took my idea and developed it to produce such a distinctive business card design that everyone comments on it, and I get business!”

business card forever

Upstaging the competition!

Mia Flanagan – Forever Living consultant
“I love my business card, it really sets me apart and people easily recognise me everywhere I go!”

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