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Business Wall Graphics and Word Art Memory Gift Canvas Frames

Wall graphics to create impact, whether it’s your office wall or a unique personal gift for someone special. Stunning business wall graphics and bespoke gift canvas frames make you memorable.

If you are wracking your brains for the perfect gift this year, for Christmas or a special Birthday or Anniversary, make it personal, choose a bespoke Word Art Canvas created with your chosen words to evoke long forgotten memories and capture those special moments in time.

Brighten up your office wall

Choose your favourite inspirational saying or company logo and tag line, branded canvas’s or large format vinyl  graphics to really make an impact!

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Each canvas is created from your words and phrases that will conjure up those special times and remind your loved ones of happy or funny key events that were important to both of you. Shared times of laughter, places, holidays and experiences that we so easily forget that had special meaning!
Using a variety of carefully chosen fonts and colours  to illustrate the words and meanings, evoking the memories from years and times passed. Relevant symbols or small favourite images can be included that can make each memory canvas complete. Each canvas is unique and a work of art!


work of art
Wedding Congratulations canvas
word art canvas Caz

Choose your words and phrases, approximately 20-30 words as a guide, listed in importance and relevance.
Select a colour scheme to base the design around to match a room or a range of particular favourite colours.
Send the images or list emoji/symbols or leave it to us to add those special touches.

Decide on the perfect size from below…
Canvas sizes range from standard square 150 x 150mm and 300 x 300 mm, rectangle 200 x 300mm or a bespoke size of your choice.
If you would like a framed print instead we can offer several options.

Your words will be fitted together to create a beautiful memory canvas to invoke those special times. Each canvas will be created and then a draft copy will be sent to you for approval. Small amendments can be made but as each design is like a puzzle even small changes can make the whole design look completely different.

You (or your loved one) will receive a bespoke, expertly designed gift canvas, printed and produced by hand and sent by post with a gift wrapped option.

A beautiful meaningful personal gift to remind them of you, commemorate special moments and be treasured!


A Word Art Memory Canvas - A gift to be treasured!

Send an individual and exclusive gift to help re-live those special moments

Bespoke wall canvas or framed prints


Call for a quote and to chat about creating a beautiful, memorable gift to treasure!

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