google juiceAre you achieving some good Google juice?

We are all being continuously nagged about social media and how we all should be doing it to promote our businesses but does spending hours on Facebook really help our leads and sales?

The answer is YES and although many of the SME target audience is not necessarily found on Facebook it’s the overall presence on line that does make a difference.

All the little bits you do to increase your presence online increases the chances of Google and other search engines finding you.

The more dents on the web you make the easier it is for your profile/services to be found by likely contacts. You’d be surprised how little you need to do if your competition isn’t doing any!

Your ultimate aim is getting people to the place they can buy (services or products). It may be a marketplace on Facebook or Amazon but generally a website is the place to send people, you want to be found and generate traffic. SEO is essential but content is king. Google will look for relevance so while links are great its all about what you write.

Pay per Click and online advertising will help push you along and ‘paid search’ is becoming more widely utilised, just look at Facebook pushing businesses to ‘boost’ their posts! Facebook advertising is so well targeted its got the power to reach a very select target market and at very reasonable costs if you do it right.

google juicePeople are always asking me what is Google+ and why should they be on it…. It’s GOOGLE!!!

The largest search engine in existence and it’s rapidly growing. Google+ is another social media forum and you should dive into if only for the profile and the business page presence. ‘Google Local’ or ‘Google Places’ is now ‘Google My business’ or it was when I last looked. It is confusing but it is important. Some businesses, you may be surprised to learn, still do not have websites, however with a Google business page they are still being listed and are on the map!

Linkedin is essential for business to business and you will find that anyone you meet will now be checking your profile out so it needs to be complete. If you do nothing else at least have a good profile. You don’t have to do much just a few posts a week,  a few shares and a few comments and you will still be generating more google juice than many other people.

Twitter has changed a bit – now you can type more than the original 140 characters and advertise and promote posts. Instagram is the  biggest growing platform at the moment – it’s got a slightly younger following but now Facebook own that too its integrated if you want it to be! Pinterest – great images, information, create branded boards and follow the right people. Don’t forget YouTube, owned by Google, it’s huge! Search for tutorials, information, anything and everything can be found in video format!

Being found on several forums and platforms will enhance your overall profile, your Google juice will be brimming!

All the time you spend engaging and building your online presence increases your ranking with Google. Online webinars, advertised events, video, Facebook Live and email marketing that sends people clicking to your desired landing page, all ticks those boxes and tickles those ‘spiders’. it increases the chances of being found for that multi-million contract or by the head hunter who needs to find someone with just the right profile.

Be consistent, it enhances your image and enables people to find you and engage, which will eventually lead to new clients and new business.

So ‘Tweet’, ‘RT’, ‘Share’, ‘Like’ , ‘Post’, ‘+1’, ‘blog’ and ‘comment’ and be ‘live’, everywhere you get the chance – in the right and appropriate way of course. Organic searches will find you and thats the best way to be found.

So much to do – so little time – but here’s the important part, find where your customers are!

Don’t spend hours on Twitter if you haven’t got any customers tweeting. Don’t look at Facebook continuously if you are a B2B. Be present, don’t automate everything – get back and reply to the messages and posts – be there to pick up the enquiries, answer questions, offer advice!

It’s not really ‘Return on investment’ , it’s really about ‘Return on Visibility’ !

It’s all down to your Google Juice!

Here’s a 10 “Essential MUST & MUST NOTS” to enhance your Social Media and increase your Google Juice…

  1. Profile picture – not an egg.
  2. Consistent profiles across all social media and online forums – logos, fonts, colours, take your branding online!
  3. Linkedin profile, complete no stupid stars and sales messages in your headline please! It’s about how you help people.
  4. Google+ personal page and business page – verified!
  5. A Facebook personal page and a Fan/Business page – and not your business on a personal page, no point & no advantages!
  6. Twitter profile, realtime conversations as well as a few scheduled tweets – make it real!
  7. YouTube content, relevant and short videos to educate and engage.
  8. Blog Blog and Blog…. around 350 words, with formatting and paragraphs as often as you can.
  9. Play with Pinterest, Instagram etc
  10. Chat, help, educate, share, listen and engage nicely, no airing dirty washing and nothing that you don’t want to come back and bite you!

However just remember a strategy is fundamentally important and a time limit is absolutely and definitely necessary! It is all so easy to get distracted and before you know it the morning has gone your coffee is cold and it’s already time for lunch!



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