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Infographics and Illustration convert complicated information into easily understood images.

Infographics is the name given to graphically enhanced text or diagrams. Ideal for web information and illustrating manuals. Flow charts and graphs are jazzed up with graphic icons and text making statistics easier and more interesting to digest. Infographics are the essential element when creating good information design.

Reading and learning is a more enjoyable and often grasped quicker and knowledge is absorbed more easily when illustrated with images, the attention span lasts longer. Whether serious or lighthearted, literature is enriched with good artistry.

Illustration comes in many forms and styles and choice is down to personal taste. You will find a style that suits your requirements whether that is simple flat colour cartoons, watercolour illustrations or digitally created works of art. Usually more effective and bolder than photograph, they can be styled in many ways to suit the person or product and have more impact.

inforgraphics and illustration ANG Devil

A.N.G. Creative Design Consultancy 

Every year I create an Illustration for the A.N.G. Christmas cards, it’s a great opportunity to sit and draw!

goddess labels illustrations

Avalon Essences

Creating stunningly beautiful labels for a range of aroma sprays based around the wheel of the Goddess. The labels illustrate the ingredients of each unique spray teamed  with the gorgeous rich colours of the associated time of the year.


Social Media Strategy

Training GroupInfographics depicting flow charts for linkedin, Twitter and Google+, educating and explaining simply what to do and why! Presentation slides and work books.

goddess labels illustrations

The Adventures of a Penny

Illustrations created for Anne P Shirley. Simple fun and attractive, colourful images to accompany the text.  Available on amazon

inforgraphics and illustration ANG Devil

Guinnie & Iszy Get Rescued 

Illustrated as a joint venture with writer Fleur Middleton, for a series of children’s books following the adventures of two kittens, Guinnie and Iszy. The kitten’s illustrations were created from their real-life counterparts. Available on in Kindle or as paperback


My African Journal

Book cover illustration to capture the colours and textures from Africa, incorporating photos and letters from the journal.

Infographics and illustration are essential elements to presentations, workbooks and content marketing, informing and educating.

If you think some great Infographics and Illustration could transform your project call me to discuss some ideas! Oh and don’t forget to send a bespoke Christmas card for your clients…

illustration HTSS

How to Stay Slim 

Book Illustration – Infographics and Illustration for a proposed book, amusing and tongue in cheek cartoon style.

infographics excedia modelss

The Excedia Group

Infographics for business models, used in “The Go-To Expert” presentations, posters , postcards and business cards. Easy to understand and striking graphics.

illustration pearl maidens

Acumen Group

Illustration for packaging a selection of underwater themed ceramic ornaments.

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illustration christmas cards
illustration christmas cards
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