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Infographics and Illustration convert complicated information into easily understood images, call for advice to discuss how to make an impact!

Infographics is the name given to graphically enhanced text or diagrams. Ideal for web information and illustrating manuals. Flow charts and graphs are jazzed up with graphic icons and text making statistics easier and more interesting to digest. Infographics are the essential element when creating good information design.

selection of infographics
3s partnership security

3S Partnership

Infographics for dress code and attitude

work for free blog

Infographics for blog posts

Jazz up your blog posts with interesting diagrams and graphics

how to stay slim

How to Stay Slim 

Book Illustration – Infographics and Illustration for a proposed book, amusing and tongue in cheek cartoon style.

excedia models

The Excedia Group

Infographics for business models, used in “The Go-To Expert” presentations, posters, postcards and business cards. Easy to understand and striking graphics.

avalon essences

Avalon Essences

Aroma spray labels, illustrating the ingredients and rich colours of the time of the year.

Illustration makes learning more enjoyable

Information is more quickly absorbed when illustrated with images and the attention span lasts longer. Whether serious or lighthearted, literature is enriched with good artistry.

Illustration styles are down to personal taste. Find a style that suits your requirements whether that is simple flat colour cartoons, watercolour illustrations or digitally created works of art. Usually more effective and bolder than photographs, styled in many ways to suit the person or product and create more impact.

Take a look at my Illustration virtual exhibition for more examples –

selection of illustrations
guinnie & iszy illustrations

Guinnie & Iszy Get Rescued 

Illustrated as a joint venture with writer Fleur Middleton, for a series of children’s books following the adventures of two kittens, Guinnie and Iszy. The kitten’s illustrations were created from their real-life counterparts. Available on in Kindle or as paperback

penny book illustration

The Adventures of a Penny

Illustrations created for Anne P Shirley. Simple fun and attractive, colourful images to accompany the text.  Available on amazon

feathered rhino

Feathered Rhino

Created after a challenge by a client that he had never seen any illustration of a feathered Rhino  – if delivered he promised to be a client for life!

africates sounds

Infographics and illustration are essential elements to presentations, workbooks and content marketing, informing and educating.

If you think some great Infographics and Illustration could transform your project call me to discuss some ideas! Oh and don’t forget to send a bespoke Christmas card for your clients…

Bespoke Christmas card designs


cc1 penq
basement masters christmas card
ang devil christmas card
dtl christmas card
cc reindeer
ewgg christmas card
tardis christmas card
excedia 2 christmas card
fgs cc
office christmas card
myers christmas card
cleaning co christmas card
ang cc
dg christmas card
excedia 1 christmas card
digital christmas card