book jacketJudging a book by it’s cover…

Delighted to have worked with Cari on her book cover designs and to be helping to promote the book, it’s a great read, quick, light hearted and full of insights for people starting their own business or even for those of us who have been around the block!

I worked with Cari to create a cover/jacket for her first book Cari On in Business.

Cari had just finished writing the book and had been thinking of a few ideas for the cover which she supplied in an image board with colours and concepts to work with. After a great consultation and a good chat I took her ideas and started developing and playing with all the elements and colours, creating workable designs that took into account the brand colours, logo and images pulling them together into a selection of designs.  The design had to be flexible to use on further book titles in her upcoming series but with consistency to identify it as part of a set. We worked on changes to a couple until we had agreement on the final design, tweaking it to get it right.
book cover cari on in business

Your first book is your baby! I knew how important it was for Cari to get it right! I love what I do but it makes it so much better when my clients rave because I’ve created something they love and will be really proud of – that really makes my day!

If you put your time and effort into writing a book why scrimp on getting the design right. Sadly people ‘make do’ as they don’t want to spend too much money but often that is so counter-productive. Either they end up spending hours and hours trying to get it right or make mistakes because they don’t have the design know-how. Images that have copyright issues or fonts that don’t work and the wrong resolution which ruins the cover, making it look poor quality, grainy and pixelated.

With millions of books being self-published your book needs to stand out for the right reasons and be found easily. I’ve created quite a selection of covers from business books, fiction and non-fiction, to my own illustrated children’s book. Each one has been great fun to do. It’s important to remember that the concept doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t have to cost the earth – just well designed. Too much text and images will overpower, a simple design will stand out better and be more effective.

guinnie & iszy illustrationsPeople do judge a book by it’s cover so make sure yours stands out and jumps off the page or the shelf, wherever it’s sold!

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Guinnie & Iszy Get Rescued – by Fleur Middleton & Angie Phillips 

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