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Logo design is an essential element of your brand.


Logos appear in all shapes, sizes and colours. You can buy clip art logos everywhere on-line to use for your firm for as little as £5. You can even get an online designer to create one for that kind of money so why spend any more than you have to?

For many start up businesses, logo design gets a lower priority than marketing or a website and that is understandable, although a little short sighted! Choosing a clip art symbol to represent your business may be cheap and ‘do the job’ but what ‘job’ is it actually doing?


Why you need an outstanding logo.


A logo is the hub of your branding wheel. Everything you create and everything anyone sees, relating to your firm, should include your logo. It must be consistent in colour (from your chosen ‘brand’ colour scheme) and use the same fonts each and every time. However it is not just any old symbol, it has to reflect you, your business and represent your brand values and strategy. It must appeal to the right target market and easily communicate what you do and how you help people.  Your logo must be instantly recognisable and memorable, reminding your client of the excellent service or product you delivered. Your logo will represent how you made your client feel and their experience working with you. 

Relevant, powerful and attractive, your logo must make you stand out from your competitors for the right reasons. Being attractive or ‘pretty’ is not enough. 

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Key elements of a logo.


Logo design for Kinesiology is a challenge to communicate the right understanding at first glance.

Kinesiology treats the whole body, the mechanics and the psychology, how it reacts to chemicals, allergies and mental states. The balance and wellbeing of the whole person. The logo design incorporates these concepts, the body, chakra colours and DNA, based on the medical symbol Caduceus and the Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian Man.

Logo design - the story of your brand

Your story

Your logo is all about you, it plays a major part in your story and is the hub of your branding.

The CedarTree Advisory Service is a financial regulator. The name derives from the clients surname, Kiedrowski. During the second crusade in Lebanon, a Squire saved a Knight from an attack by a lion while sleeping under a Cedar tree. As a reward the squire was awarded land and the town of Kiedrowice was founded. Kiedrowice being derived from the word for Cedar in Greek, i.e. Kedros!

Logo design for personality

Your personality

The logo design for Garage Doors and Shutters Services is a great example as Dave has a wicked sense of humour. In a area where logos for Garage door businesses are not very inspiring GDSS logo is quirky with strong typography to balance the ‘cartoon’ style.

He has had many compliments, attracted lots of attention and the business is growing fast.

Your ideal client

When creating a logo design for a Commercial printer it was automatic to use the 4 colours used in printing. However this is only relevant to the people in the industry. Printing is a precise process, producing literature in all sizes and colours. Creating a grid of coloured, different sized blocks, produced an attractive Mondrian style image, which was one of the clients favourite artists! WIN WIN!
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Creating a logo design to promote and highlight a specific occasion or anniversary.

Alan Patient & Co Ltd
“We celebrated 25 years in business and wanted an anniversary logo to spearhead our marketing and advertising. Angie created a fabulous design that integrated and worked with all our existing branding.”

logo design GJB

The right impact

Gary Brown – GJB Pest Management
“So you don’t want a goggle eyed rat for a logo?” With many pest control outfits in the local area, Gary wanted a discreet branding that would attract even the squeamish.
Professional logos to promote your expertise in the right way.

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Logo design - A ‘signature’ a memory ’tag’ a visual reminder, it is your ‘brand’!

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