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Is your logo stuck in the 70’s with your avocado bathroom suite?

Are you a Professional Service Firm who needs to update your brand identity?

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A professional logo (and brand identity) says more about you and your firm than any advert! Instant recognition and memorability for the right reasons will engage more clients and generate better portfolios. Your logo is the hub of your branding and while you can buy clip art logos everywhere for a ‘fiver’ or engage an online designer you will never see or hear from again to create something, does that really reflect your brand promises and your ethos?

Everything you create and everything anyone sees, relating to your firm, should include your logo in a consistent format, same colours, same fonts. It has to reflect your business and represent your brand values and strategy. Appealing to the right target market and clearly communicate what you do and how you help people.  Your logo should remind your client of the excellent service or product you delivered. How you made them feel and their experience working with you.

Relevant, powerful and attractive, your logo must make you stand out from your competitors for the right reasons. Being attractive or ‘pretty’ is not enough – it must make an impact!

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Logo design - A ‘signature’ a memory ’tag’ a visual reminder, it is your ‘brand’!

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