marketing and advertisingDoes your marketing and advertising show you off or show you up?

The other day, at a networking meeting, I was handed two ‘scraps’ of paper, roughly cut out with scissors. Admittedly I am over critical, but when I commented, politely, that they could probably use some professional graphic design help for marketing and advertising, the reply was very curt and they were quite satisfied with the final result.

The scraps of paper were ‘promoting’ mobile beauty therapy sessions. However rather than creating an impression of expertise and professionalism, with experienced therapists, it suggested hobbyists and part time ‘dabblers’.

Marketing and advertising must be done professionally as it reflects on your business. We all have to start somewhere and while there is no recrimination for part time professionals and start up businesses, first impressions and presentation counts!

Image is everything

How you appear to people and the quality of your marketing and sales literature has to interest, attract and impress.

SME’s don’t always have the budget for professional printing and prefer to produce literature on home/office printers to save money. While the quality may be passable for handouts and information, a professionally designed and printed document will be an investment in the long run.

A home production may ‘do the job’ but depending on your target market it will not enhance your credibility. It may find its way to the recycling bin a little faster than you wouldl be happy with…

Invest in your own Business

When clients receive good quality, well presented literature it indicates that the business owner has enough confidence to spend money ‘on’ their business. Clients are encouraged and trust their that their investment, whether in goods or services, will be worthwhile.

The production of good quality marketing and advertising literature installs pride in the company’s sales staff and promoters. Handing out second rate leaflets and apologising for the wrong contact details or the poor quality images does nothing for anyones professionalism. Launching a new product range or service that you believe in, is fantastic, but it’s not ‘you’ you have to convince. Customers must see and believe in it’s value and be excited about it. Poor quality, inaccurate literature will rarely produce the results you want, even if the product is the best thing since sliced bread!

Getting it right produces the right results!

marketing and advertisingTarget your literature to your target market. Using the right words to appeal and the right mages to make an impact. Making sure all details are correct and the words communicate the message you want them to. Don’t forget your call to action and that your contact details are always easy to read and quickly found!

False economy!

The cost of engaging a good designer will be more than producing a marketing and advertising leaflet in ‘word’ yourself.  However the cost of delivering 10,000 leaflets and not receiving any enquiries is far more! A waste of print and a waste of time and effort when you could be doing what you do best.

A qualified, experienced designer is well worth the cost. Believe me it  will cause less stress than chasing that your best friend’s cousin every month who promised to do the job. When finally  he supplies the final product without bleed or trim marks in a file format the printer will just laugh at. You will then be charged for making it commercially viable to print!

Saying all this however, you may find many people will not notice the difference. If so, are they the people you want to work with?

Written by Angie Phillips, Design Consultant - Helping you create business by creating IMPACT! Fabulous effective design that makes you say WOW! Using my expertise to promote yours. Fiercely committed to my clients and getting my hands on your assets! Always happy to offer help and advice. Promoting and helping you to grow through networking & introductions even after our work is done. #CreatingBusinessByDesign  #CreatingIMPACT  #LOVEwhatIdo

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