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If you are looking for suitable packaging for your product the design and graphics can make or break it’s success, call for help and advice!

It is not only the importance of the graphics on the box but the shape and strength of the packaging that is essential. Clever packaging design adds a much higher value to the product increasing profit and protection at the same time. As well as the actual construction of the packaging, the weight of the board and its strength must be taken into account. Likewise what material will be used to get the right look, feel. If the packaging material is not strong enough or suitable to hold and protect the product, any shelf appeal will be instantly destroyed. There is nothing worse than damaged and torn packaging. In fact this will devalue the product and makes it unsaleable creating a negative customer experience. The design on the packaging must make the product stand out from other similar items, communicating the features and benefits and creating impact!

Facelace – Beauty Product Packaging

Packaging for the various Facelace products. Varied from a handmade rigid box with a magnetic closure to carton board packs with die-cut euro hanging hole.

packaging avalon bottle labels

Avalon Essences Aroma Sprays

Bright attractive product labels with detailed illustrations, all ingredients and legal requirements had to be incorporated to correct size and regulations.

Orange – Electronics

Corrugated packaging for mini music amp for OMEC. Produced in China. Design entailed infographic symbols, bespoke logo text and product photography.

Acumen – Retail

Standard pack design in E-flute corrugated. Product image with clear typography worked well on clean white background.

Creating outstanding packaging design, with cost in mind. Determined by quantities and materials, whether the pack is standard or bespoke.


Packaging design offers greater opportunities for promotion and clever marketing and should never be thought of as 'just a box’ .

Packaging design and construction is a speciality and A.N.G. Creative design Consultancy can offer the expert advice that you need. Call to talk your ideas through!

corrugated packaging
Corrugated Packaging

Industrial corrugated packaging for Siemens. Several different variations on size designed to specific brand restrictions. Assi Multra corrugated packaging samples for beer and beverage multipacks, with pet food variations.

gift packaging
Gift Packaging design

Various gift packaging. Carton board designs for beauty products. Lip balm.Cake slices by post. Gift box for signed football for charity auction. Ceramic ornament gift packaging. Rigid covered gift box for Thomas the Tank Engine bubble bath gift packs.

packaging construction
Fold-a-box – Construction consultancy

Solving a construction problem for a chocolate box from photos supplied. Lay-down indicating cuts and interior and exterior creases.

While packaging increases the perceived value of the product, some products only require attractive labelling. Saving on production costs and being robust enough to ‘travel’, labels may be all you need! Brand your products quickly and easily with low cost high quality labels. In good quality water resistant material. Suitable for beauty products and even garage doors!

gift packaging

Elizabeth Solaru

Cake and bakery packaging 3d mockups

packaging design gift packaging
Labels for Homemade Candles

A set of designs for a range of tinned homemade candles. Easily printed off when required and hand written labels.

packaging candle labels
Gautier Luxury Candle Labels

Luxury labels for white labelling glass jar candles