Colours have so much meaning, whether it’s to represent your business or an emotion.

Different colours represent different things to different people. It’s sad I know, but I look forward to The Pantone colour of the year announcement in January, 2018 I was delighted for it to be “Ultra violet”!!! Not so impressed by “Living Coral” and quite positive for this year being “Classic Blue”.

Pantone’s description for Classic blue is “Classic Blue arrives to impart a sense of dependability and reassurance. This deep blue is classic, elegant and timeless.”

So I was surprised to see the article in the Guardian unveiling a new shade of red, inspired by the colour of women’s periods!!! A little squeamish for some, may be! Teaming up with a Swedish feminine products company Intimina it aims to empower people to talk in more detail about menstruation as a natural bodily function!

Pantone should be applauded, helping to reduce the stigma associated with periods. However I’m not quite sure how my printers will feel seeing ‘Period Red’ specified on my design files

pantoneThe Pantone Colour Institute looks at colour trends across all aspects of society especially fashion, and design, interiors and graphics. The colour of the year influences and inspires. While Designers strive to create their products and designs in the colour of the year to be on track and on trend I have to ask will we be able to guess what each years colour was by the amount of new branding created in that year, using the said colour and then may be those brands will be aged by colour trend!?

Will it be another good excuse for a yearly rebrand or an accepted reason for updating products as the colour was just so last year?

The first Pantone Colour of the Year appeared in 2000, and now each year Pantone offers inspiring colour palettes with the chosen colour in mind.

What colour represents your year?

I nominated my own unofficial Pantone colour for 2020 and it can only be Pantone 354C – “Greenscreen”, and that has been well and truly overused this year!

Read the full article in The Guardian, and image credits to Pantone



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