infographicsWhat exactly do we mean by ‘Infographics’?

Information is visually created in pictures or symbols to inform and communicate an idea or information in a more easily understood media.

Infographics represent information in a graphic format.

Sometimes a very complex text can be broken down into easily understood symbols and flow charts that replace the text or support it. Figures and results can be more quickly understood or compared when displayed in graph or pictorial form than in a long list of figures and text.
‘Infographics’ are not a new invention. Just a new name for an existing media! ‘Information Design’ or as sometimes now called ‘Data Visualization’ is used everywhere. There is nothing new about graphs and flow charts for business presentations. They may now be flashier in their appearance with the more advanced software that is used to create them. Here is a good link for 10 sites that help you create charts and graphs…click heregraphs pie charts

The use of good Infographics is becoming more and more important in advertising and marketing.

With more people utilising online media and social networks to promote their business and services the more important it is to be able to communicate easily. Where many English speaking SME’s forget to create native sites for their non-English speaking customers Infographics can breach the linguistic void temporarily. Just because a brand is understood in one country certain words have other meanings even across the English speaking continents. Communicating successfully to oversees customers is essential if that is where you wish to build your business.infographics

Infographics appear throughout all social media platforms constantly and are very easy to share.

People like pictures and a good Infographic will be shared again and again. In many cases more often than a blog or article will be. An infographic offers easy reading and can be understood in a much shorter time. Infographics are ideal for crossing the language barriers. Using internationally recognised symbols and images so communicating visually rather than having to offer versions in numerous different languages. Easy to follow instructions will include diagrams and illustrations to aid translation and communication.


Infographics for a set of business cards for The Excedia Group, also featured in The Go-To Expert, by Jon Baker and Heather Townsend, published by The Financial Times

People like pictures, cartoons and comics. They tell the stories quicker and more simply, getting the same message across and to a wider audience.

Less text is required with good Infographics… the more text needed to explain, the less effective.

If you would like to see more Infographics Click Here

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