virtual expoWhat are virtual exhibitions?

With most face to face events being cancelled and postponed, certain business sectors have jumped in with online meetings conferences and webinars to fill the gaps. Virtual exhibitions are becoming more and more popular and evolving from just a dedicated business page to 3D renditions of an entire hall including stands and tours.

The increase in virtual exhibitions to promote and showcase businesses services and products is taking off. Museums and galleries are promoting guided tours online.  The V&A have a selection of free tours for everyone, private tours and talks for groups or tailor made tours related for the individual. Take the tours from the luxury of your own home with no other people getting in the way and obscuring the views of the masterpieces and art exhibits!

Creating virtual exhibitions is becoming popular on all levels – you can use to create your own environment to showcase your work or subject matter. Its fun, takes a bit of time but a very good introduction to the virtual world of expos! You can use the free version or pay a monthly subscription. Take a look at my Illustration expo as an example –

Virtual exhibition stand design is an exciting new opportunity to create your dream expo stand at a fraction of the cost for your online virtual exhibitions and trade shows.

With more flexibility, more options, more dynamic solutions for less cost…

Whether you want to create your own virtual exhibition, have a stand designed as a layout and plan for the hosting platform or have those designs uploaded directly onto the virtual stand.

Strategy for the virtual future

The last year has proven that business need to get online in one form or another and be versatile. Networking has succeeded online and many groups will still have alternative or hybrid meetings when face to face networking is allowed again. Online and digital events will not be going away! Covid has opened up new ways to do business and extended our business reach further afield than often normally possible. Online webinars were already becoming popular and as professional speakers have been hit as hard as all the event trade, more and more are educating themselves in how to deliver online successfully for the same fees. Business trade shows and exhibitions have also made that leap out of necessity and the software platforms have developed to meet those needs.

Why should I consider a virtual exhibition or event?

At present there are few guarantees that any face to face event will go ahead. So if you want to promote your business you are going to have little option!

A study by Cornell University has shown that up until recently virtual trade shows generate fewer leads than traditional trade-shows but with no physical exhibitions guaranteed you can’t go wrong and for a fraction of the price. There are many advantages to virtual events, and the statistics are beginning to show… Just read how Thomson Reuters Extended Its Summit Reach by 73% at a Fraction of Its Cost

What are the benefits of a virtual exhibition?

There are many advantages for both exhibitor and attendee…

  • Large audiences – more people can attend
  • Less expense – no travelling or hotel fees
  • Better use of time – no travelling costs, just log in and out when you want to and choose your sessions
  • Better networking, a wider range of people attend
  • Networking often included in breakout sessions
  • More variety and control during the event
  • Digital events capture data more efficiently
  • Completely branded events/sponsorship opportunities
  • Multimedia events include lots of way to be more interactive
  • Happier to download more content and click more
  • Live and on-demand presentations
  • Less cost for stand design and build
  • Less print costs and no wastage
  • More opportunity to follow up

Data Capture

Virtual exhibitions don’t just mean a web page profile and a list of exhibitors anymore but offer a proper informative profile with logo/branding and contact details.  You don’t just get the links to take people to your website but bring them directly to your virtual stand where you can include videos, podcasts, full product information downloads, brochure downloads staff and team profiles and opportunity to book meetings and sometimes a chat facility with bookable appointments.

It’s an effective way to connect both attendees and exhibitors, in fact you will probably get to see more than in a normal physical exhibition! It’s also easier to follow up, as attendee’s information is stored online in databases making it more accessible after the event. As every expo collects the data and connections are passed back to the exhibition organisers, analytics are greatly improved for the virtual environment. Who did what, what they downloaded, what they clicked on, what they engaged with and for how long, and so tracking them throughout the exhibition. Far more accurate than any face to face event.


Sponsorship packages will vary with size of event and expected attendees etc but virtual conferences offer many exciting features that face to face events can’t!

The opportunity for virtual sponsorship is similar to the face to face options as digital advertising and event promotion always adds value. However, the extra benefits of being able to include promo videos before and after speakers or during breaks, availability of branded title slides, image stills and branded virtual rooms as well as online programs increases your impact on the audience dramatically.

And don’t forget the giveaways, you will still be able to send out your merchandise, in some cases before the event so items like headphones or notepads and pens can be used during the sessions. Sending a  downloadable chapter of a book prior to the presentation with certainly wet the appetites and create engagement and questions.

virtual door wayVirtual Business

Being in business and staying in business means embracing a new virtual reality of some description. Whether thats just your social media input, your online networking or full blown virtual exhibitions and trade shows, our virtual world has to be taken seriously and adapted to. It will take us further, help us to meet more people to do business with and maintain an active lifeline one way or another!

For help with creating virtual exhibition stands and downloadable or interactive documents call me, or find out more here.

Written by Angie Phillips, Design Consultant - Helping you create business by creating IMPACT! Fabulous effective design that makes you say WOW! Using my expertise to promote yours. Fiercely committed to my clients and getting my hands on your assets! Always happy to offer help and advice. Promoting and helping you to grow through networking & introductions even after our work is done. #CreatingBusinessByDesign  #CreatingIMPACT  #LOVEwhatIdo

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