What is Graphic Design? –  A question, I have been frequently asked as well as “What does a ‘Graphic Designer’ actually do?”
I hope the following information will explain a bit more about what I can do for you…

Graphic Design is the description of a process that puts together images and text producing media that communicates a message.

Commissioned by the client who wishes to sell a product or service and needs to engage with their target audience. To develop ideas and designs to tell a story, informs and educates.

what is graphic design - business cards

What is Graphic Design? – Business cards

what is graphic design - calendar

What is Graphic Design? – Calendars

what is graphic design - logos

What is Graphic Design? – Logos

This may entail developing a branding story for a company to promote their profile or product to identify them from their competitor and would include a selection of the following – advertising, sales and marketing media, brochures & leaflets, information design, infographics, books, magazines or digital web design.

However the project may just require graphic design for a simple business card or a stand alone leaflet.

A good graphic designer knows importance of using both typography and images for pleasing and aesthetic page layout. Different fonts convey different emotions and impact and must be chosen carefully. Too many fonts on a page look messy and confusing, too few gets a bit boring! Images are essential and must be sympathetic and relevant to the design, a great image attracts far more effectively than a headline in may cases.

Colours must be selected carefully, the right colour system for the right media. Understanding the print process and the material the job will be printed on makes a huge difference to the final result.

what is graphic design - magazine

What is Graphic Design? – Magazine layout and branding

what is graphic design - phillips brochure

What is Graphic Design? – Brochures, leaflets and flyers

what is graphic design - rockabye branding

What is Graphic Design? – Branding

Graphic design is used in developing identity, logos and branding, magazines, information design, brochures and manuals, newspapers, and books, advertising and sales material and product packaging. Graphic Design is also used for designing web pages, banners and other digital media.

Any literature requires a good balance of images and text to communicate successfully, a good Graphic Designer will utilise white space, margins, gutters and bleed to produce an attractive and effective result that will be well worth the investment many times over!

What is Graphic Design?

A Graphic Designer should be well educated in various graphic design disciplines and media to be able to produce relevant solutions to suit each individual client and what they want to communicate.

Business Cards

Get new business cards that reflect your image and the quality of your business, making an impact with the people you meet and want to impress!

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Logo Design service

An updated, professionally designed logo from the vision you have of your business, Angie will listen, then create your ideal logo to represent your business and make you go ‘WOW’.

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Is it time to replace all the branding for your business? Angie will make you stand out from the competition for the right reasons and help you grow your business to the next level.

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Brochure Design

Whether you want a simple flyer, four sided leaflet or 48 page brochure, a well designed brochure gets better results than you would imagine possible.

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