We wrap presents to conceal the contents and to increase the anticipation for the recipient.

It’s the excitement and the intrigue of what the wrappings contain! Receiving a beautifully wrapped present with bows and ribbons demonstrates the care and attention that has been put in to the purchase. Enhancing the overall experience of receiving the gift. The same is true when we package our products!

I have a love of boxes and cartons, how they look, how they fit together and how they are made.

My other half says I’m the only person he knows who he can give an empty box to and still be in the good books! (…and he was!)

Packaging can be innovative not only in design but in construction. I will happily examine and deconstruct intricately folded packaging to find out how it is made.

Packaging a product has many benefits for sales and marketing purposes as well as protection. Protecting the contents can be cheaper than replacing goods that become damaged. Allocating some of your budget to packaging can actually save money in the long run.

Making sure the packaging reflects the contents in market placement and quality and enhances the product rather than restricting and concealing. Without careful design and thought the result will be the opposite of the desired effect.

Packaging is used to promote the product, capture the customers attention.

Packaging allows more space for the design and the information than just a label or the products surface area. In most cases the product is already packaged within a container, a bottle, jar or tube, and then sold in an outer pack for sales and display purposes. However it must not be bulky and irregular in shape as transportation has to be considered.

‘Over packaging’ is constantly frowned upon. Over representing the product, so on opening you find the contents to be minuscule compared to your expectation.  Easter Eggs and cereals are typical of over packaging.

Packaging a small or awkwardly shaped product is desirable to make transportation easier. It also may have to be tamper proof to protect the product for the consumer.

Cartons and boxes will enhance and display the product on a shelf more effectively. A higher value is placed on an item in a box against a similar competitors product. Good packaging will stand out on the shelf, attract more attention and therefore sell far more successfully.

The contents should always cost more than the packing!!

On average packaging costs should be no more than 8-10% of the total cost. Spending £5.00 on the carton when the product is worth £3.00 is counter productive. The perceived value of an item in a box or packaging is definitely higher, as long as the packaging remains in good condition. A damaged and tatty box will sit on the shelf far longer than the ‘cheaper’ product next to it. Although the product inside may not be damaged the customer will be very unlikely to purchase it because of its outer appearance. The most beautiful and expensive box will be valueless if torn or dented.

Designing packaging for your product has to be done properly, taking many things into consideration.

  • You have to think about the right shape.
  • The weight of the product for the strength of the packaging, storage and shelf space.
  • How much room the retailer will allow for your product.
  • How the product will be delivered to the retailer – transportation and logistics.
  • The cost of transporting round bottles against square ones is more expensive, less product in the space available.
  • One product may have three types of packaging, the container for the product, the packaging for the container and the transportation packaging.
  • The weight of the pack will impact on postage costs if mailing out to customers.
  • Environmental concerns, functionality, durability, food regulations, sterility and shelf life for food stuffs – avoiding possible contamination and leakages.

Packaging is a very important part of any retail business. There are very few products that do not need packaging of any kind.

Whether it is a transportation box, gift box, sleeve, display tray, plastic container or glass jar for the actual product, careful design and good planning is essential to get it right. Find a reliable carton manufacturer who employs packaging engineers and a good packaging designer. Get opinions and advice from those people who have the right experience.

Getting it wrong could cost more than your business is worth.

Written by Angie Phillips, Design Consultant - Helping you create business by creating IMPACT! Fabulous effective design that makes you say WOW! Using my expertise to promote yours. Fiercely committed to my clients and getting my hands on your assets! Always happy to offer help and advice. Promoting and helping you to grow through networking & introductions even after our work is done. #CreatingBusinessByDesign  #CreatingIMPACT  #LOVEwhatIdo

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